Solved Sample Paper for Teaching Aptitude in UGC NET Exam Paper I.

The answers have been marked in Bold. You should just remember that you need to act as an ideal teacher while answering these questions. The paper tries to judge how well you fit into the role of a teacher.


1. What is most important for a teacher?

(A) to organize teaching work

(B) to deliver lecture in class

(C) to take care of children

(D) All of these


2. A teacher should be

(A) Honest

(B) Diligent

(C) Dutiful

(D) All of these


3. Environmental education should be taught in schools because

(A) it will affect environmental pollution

(B) it is an important part of life

(C) it will provide job to teachers

(D) we cannot escape from environment


4. Navodaya Schools have been established to

(A) increase number of school in rural areas

(B) provide quality education in rural areas

(C) complete ‘Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan’

(D) check wastage of education in rural areas


5. At primary level, it is better to teach in mother language because

(A) it develops self-confidence in children

(B) it makes learning easy

(C) it is helpful in intellectual development

(D) it helps children in learning in natural atmosphere


6. Women are better teacher at primary level because

(A) they are more patient with children

(B) they are ready to work with low salary

(C) higher qualification is not needed in this profession

(D) they have less chances in other profession


7. You have been selected in all the four professions given below. Where would you like to go?

(A) Teacher

(B) Police

(C) Army

(D) Bank


8. What is most important while writing on the blackboard?

(A) Good writing

(B) Clarity in writing

(C) Writing in big letters

(D) Writing in small letters


9. Some students send a greeting card to you on teacher’s day. What will you do? You will—

(A) do nothing

(B) thank them

(C) ask them to not to waste money

(D) reciprocate the good wishes to them


10. A student comes late in your class. Then you will

(A) inform to parents

(B) punish him

(C) try to know the reason

(D) not pay attention there

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