This is the old pattern of the test. UGC has made Paper III objective type as described in the article: UGC NET Paper III is Objective. Check out the Latest UGC Pattern.


Section 1: Essay Writing (2 Questions, 40 Marks)

Two questions with internal choice on general theme and contemporary, theoretical or of disciplinary relevance may be given. The candidate is expected to write up to 500 words for each question of 20 marks.

In case the questions are based on electives, the choices will be general nature, common to all candidates. In case of science subjects like Computer Science and Applications, Environmental Sciences, Electronic Science etc., two questions carrying 20 marks each may be given in place of essay type questions.

Section 2: Extended Answer Questions (3 Questions, 45 Marks)

Three extended answer based questions to test the analytical ability of the candidate on major specialization / electives. Candidates may choose one specialization. There will be no internal choice. Each answer should be of 300 words and will carry 15 marks each.

Section 3: Definitional Questions (9 Questions, 90 Marks)

Questions will seek particular information to be answered in 50 words each. There will be no internal choice. Science subjects may have short computational questions.

Section 4: Definitional Questions (5 Questions, 25 Marks)

Questions will have 200-300 words of text taken from the works of thinker/author. Five specific questions will asked based on the text. Answers should be around 30 words each. Questions will test critical thinking, ability to comprehend and apply the knowledge once possesses.

SectionType of questionsWhat to TestNo. of QuestionsWords Per AnswerTotal WordsMarks Per QuestionTotal Marks
IEssayAbility to dwell on a theme at an optimum level250010002040
IIThree analytical/ evaluative questionsAbility to reason and hold an argument on the given topic33009001545
IIINine definitional / short answer questionsAbility to understand and express the same9504501090
IVText based questionsCritical thinking, ability to comprehend and formulate the concepts530150525

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